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2019 WORKS】
Shiying -- Exhibition For Centenary of Jiangying's Birth (Design and Construction)
Yanglou Cave Ancient Street Important Node Layout Project (Art scene)
Friendship Pass Historical Exhibition Hall (Art scene, Multimedia)
Weihai Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum (Art scene)
Jiangxi Provincial Museum -- Red Hall, Ceramic Hall (Art scene)
Nanjing Daishan Kindergarten Renovation (Art scene)
Nanjing Amber Forest Kindergarten Reform (Art scene)
Nanjing Qinhuai District Children's Palace Renovation (Art scene)
Fenghua Museum (Art scene)
Seawall Site of Hangzhou Protection Exhibition Project ( Art scene, Multimedia)
Nanchang Administration for Relics of Haihun Principality of Han Dynasty (Art scene)
LuzhouLaoJiao — Qiankun Wine Castle Cultural Brigade Project (Art scene)
Xie Gaohua Spirit Inheritance Hall, Quzhou, Zhejiang Province (Art scene, Phantom imaging)
Jiangxi Pingxiang Autumn Harvest Uprising Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Jiangxi Le 'An Red Army Slogan Pavilion (Art scene)
The Former Residence of Zhang Leping (Replica design and production)
China Panlong Jade Culture museum (Planning, Design)
Haian Museum (Art scene)
Overseas Chinese Museum (Art scene, Multimedia)
Victory Memorial Hall across the Yangtze River (Art scene)
Jinling Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Exchange Center (Art scene)
Huizhou Impression Intangible Cultural Heritage Town (Art scene)
Hengfu Style Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Shanghai Film Park Paradise Tea House (Art scene)
Jianghai Cultural Characteristics Exhibition, Jianghai Museum, Jiangsu Province (Art scene)
Jiangsu Jianghai Museum (Art scene)
Maotai Tianniang Performance Show Phrase II (Art scene)
Wuzhen Aerospace Beidou Application Center (Design and Construction)
He Sijing Memorial (Art scene)
Red Army Long March Xinwei War Historical Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Xiazhu Lake Wet Island No.3-Wet Science Museum (Art scene)
Yongfeng County New Museum (Art scene)
Ji 'An Ideal And Faith Education Center (Art scene)
National Anthem Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
2018 WORKS】
Guangzhou Science Urban Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Leqing Museum (Art scene, Phantom imaging)
Ming Zuling Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Zhejiang Natural Museum Core Area Zhejiang Geological Museum (Art scene)
Tonglu Dongmen Wharf Tourism Reception Intangible Cultural Heritage Living Experience Pavilion (Art scene)
General Xingguo County Museum (Art scene)
Zeng Gong Memorial Hall (Art scene)
Baoji Travel Service Centre (Art scene)
Ji 'An Incorrupt Government Education Center (Art scene)
Suichuan Museum (Art scene)
Jingdezhen Hutian Kiln Ruins (Art scene)
Huang Tingjian Academy (Art scene)
Wanan Museum (Art scene)
Xizaochi Memorial Hall (Art scene)
"Hongmen Retrospect" Special Exhibition (Art scene)
Wansong Academy, Hangzhou (Phantom imaging)
Jinzhong Bank (Art scene)
Changshan County Xiyuan Red Scenic Spot Project Phase I Project (Art scene)
Gu Weijun Exhibition Room (Art scene)
Guizhou National Residence Museum (Art scene)
Shaoshan Special Branch History Museum of CPC (Art scene)
Yunnan Army Lecture Hall Theme Exhibition (Art scene)
Shanghai Guangfulin Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Exhibition Hall (General construction)
Shanghai Chuansha Opera Exhibition Center (Design and Construction)
Wuyi County Museum (Art scene)
Shuyang Museum (Art scene)
The Former Residence of Xia Yan (Art scene)
Shanxi History Museum Exhibition (Art scene)
Liang’s Garden of Foshan (Art scene)
Nanjing Planning Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Suqian Santaishan Museum of Glass (Art scene)
Huangshanghuang Sauce and Marinade Culture Museum (Design and Construction)
Hanzhong Urban exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Starry Sky (general construction)
East China Normal University Feng Qi Academic Showroom (Art scene)
Shanghai Securities Museum (Art scene)
Shanghai Film Park Old Street (Art scene)
Qinhuangdao Pigeon Nest Park Bird Museum (Art scene, Multimedia)
Shanghai Spaceflight Precision Machinery Institute (Design and Construction)
Wenling Museum (Art scene)
2017 WORKS】
Shangyu Archive (Art scene, Multimedia)
Nantong Environment Education Center (Art scene)
Nantong Public Security Fire Detachment History Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Yanfu Temple Display Project (Art scene)
Tsou Jung Memorial Hall (Art scene)
Nanchang Niuhang Train Station (Art scene)
Xinghuaguang Goods Old Site Display Renovation (Art scene)
Qingdao Movie Museum (Art scene, Multimedia)
Jian Revolutionary History Museum (Art scene、Multimedia)
Meiling Poem Memorial Hall (Art scene, Multimedia)
Huangdi Mausoleum Cultural Center (Art scene, Multimedia)
Grass Linen Museum (Art scene)
Ruins of Yanghe Winery (Art scene)
Xiaogan Museum (Art scene, Multimedia)
Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing General Factory (Design and Construction)
Yibin County "Two Rivers" Tourism Demonstration Park (Design and Construction)
Songyang tea museum (Art scene)
Songyang tea museum (Art scene)
Nanxi River Geological Exhibition Hall (Design and Construction)
Natural Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall of Chongyi Museum (Art scene)
Guizhou Pingba Museum (Art scene)
Huzhou Butterfly Science Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Nanjing Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum (Art scene)
Tancheng Museum (Art scene)
Jiangan River Leisure Tourism Block Urban Ecological Exhibition Hall (Art scene)
Zhou Youguang Library (Design and Construction)
Huami Shop (Phantom imaging)
Wuhan Incorrupt Government Museum (Art scene, Multimedia)
Jianghai Museum (Art scene)
Opening Exhibition for Great Four Cultural Centers of Shanghai of CPC (Design and Construction)
" Rise of Phoenixes " theater group (Art scene)
Hancheng Liangdai Village Ruins Museum (Art scene, Multimedia)
Lu Xun Book Binding Art Exhibition (General construction)
Lu Xun and International Friends In Shanghai Special Exhibition (General construction)
Suzhou Museum (Art scene)
Shanghai History Museum (Art scene, Multimedia, Phantom imaging)
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Touring Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Astronomy (Design and Construction)
Sweater culture exhibition hall (Design and Construction)
Shanghai World Expo Museum (Art scene)
Expo Heritage-Exhibits Collection From World Expos (Design and Construction)
2016 WORKS】
Zhejiang Haining National Special Equipment Safety Education Base (Art scene)
Yixing Museum (Art scene)
Weifang Binhai City Planning Pavilion (Art scene)
Luxun and Art (integration of design and construction)
Mao Dun Birthday Exhibition (integration of design and construction)
Hsue-shen Tsien and Shanghai Aerospace Exhibition (integration of design and construction)
Zongzi Culture Museum of Jiaxing (Integration of design and construction)
Huzhou Qianshanyang Cultural Exchang Center (art scene)
Jiangshan Martyrs Memorial Hall (phantom imaging)
Jingbian Museum (multimedia)
Former Residence of Keling (multimedia)
Taiping Shiwang Memorial (art scene)
Angel Tears Pearl Cultural Experience Pavilion (art scene)
Jinhua Zoyuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum  (art scene)
Xuguangqi Memorial Hall (art scene)
Liuhaisu Art Museum (art scene)
Panjiayu Massacre Memorial Hall (art scene)
The Chinese Charity Museum (art scene)
Xianyang Ancient Ferry Relics Museum (art scene)
Fenyi Museum (art scene)
Andersen Fairy Tale Paradise Experience Pavilion (art scene)
State Grid Exhibition Hall (art scene)
Wang Anshi Memorial Hall (art scene)
Sun Tzu Cultural Garden Military Saint Palace (art scene)
"Tianniang" Maotai National Liquor Cultural Performance Project (art scene)
Chengdu City Archive (art scene)
BA YONG LOU (art scene)
Gaoyou Museum (art scene)
Tang Xian Zu Memorial (art scene, multimedia)
The Head of The Huangpu River Water Culture Exhibition Hall (art scene,multimedia)
Shaoyang Museum (art scene,multimedia)
China Imperial Examination Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Silk Culture Exhibition Hall (art scene)
Lanzhou Museum (art scene)
2015 WORKS】
China Granary Museum (art scene)
Nanjing Changhong Road Kindergarten (art scene)
Nanjing Comfort Stations Liji Lane Site Museum (art scene)
Jinshan Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Nanning Museum (art scene)
The Grand Baoen Temple Heritage (art scene,multimedia)
Lanting Museum of Calligraphy (multimedia)
Puyuan Sweater Cultural Center (integration of design and construction)
Nantong Children's Library (integration of design and construction)
Sihang warehouse Memorial Hall of the Anti-Japanese War (art scene, multimedia)
Strolling in the Forbidden City - Cultural Exhibition of the Imperial Palace (Integration of design and construction)
Shangahi Bank Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Chengdu New Museum (art scene、phantom imaging)
Guizhou Duyun Maojian Tea Museum (art scene, multimedia, phantom imaging)
Shanghai Songhu Memorial Hall for The War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (phantom imaging)
Fujian Revolutionary History Memorial Hall (art scene, multimedia)
The Site of The Office of the Central Party Organ Restored (art scene)
Memorial Museum of Wuhan Office of Chinese Eighth Route Army (Integration of design and construction)
Yushan Museum (art scene)
Egret Island College (Integration of design and construction)
Yantai Clean Government Education Base (Integration of design and construction)
Yongji Museum (art scene)
China Torreyagrandis Museum (art scene)
Jihua Museum (art scene,phantom imaging)
2014 WORKS】
The 80th Anniversary of The Zunyi Conference (art scene)
Shanghai Armed Police Corps (art scene)
Wusong Industrial Zone Exhibition Hall (藝術場景)
Nantong Museum (art scene)
Yangyuan fur culture museum (phantom imaging)
Panlong city Ruins Museum (art scene)
China Wood Carving Museum (multimedia)
Historical Relics of the Xinhai Revolution Wuchang Uprising Are on Display (art scene, multimedia)
Huai An Party History Museum (art scene,multimedia)
Hankow Customs House Museum (art scene)
Nanjing Museum Intangible Cultural Heritage (art scene , artwork)
Shangyu Filial Piety Culture Memorial Hall art scene,multimedia,phantom imaging
Wuhan Wuchang Tanhualin Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall (art scene,multimedia)
Jiujiang "the Eye of Xunyang" Historical And Cultural Exhibition Hall (art scene,multimedia)
Gyantse Anti - British Historical Memorial Hall (integration of design and construction)
Jiang Yan Muxeum (art scene, multimedia)
Fuli Huizhou Gulongmen Village Building Design (art scene)
Wanda Wuhan Movie Park Entertainment Co., Ltd. (art scene)
Shanghai Songze Ruins Museum (art scene, multimedia)
2013 WORKS】
Barn Museum of China (art scene,phantom imaging)
Machang Mountain Eco-Tourism Project (art scene)
Chen Youliang Memorial Hall (art scene, multimedia)
Tibet Museum (art scene)
Lixin Accounting Pavilion (art scene,multimedia)
Huanggang Yiai Lake Park Theme Pavilions (art scene)
Nanxun Model Hall (integration of design and construction)
Liqun tobacco museum (art scene, multimedia)
Chinese Royal Gastronomy Museum (art scene,multimedia, phantom imaging)
Nanxun Bay of the Republic of China (art scene)
Suzhou Civil Defense Education Center (art scene)
Nanxun Family Liu Temple (art scene)
Yongjia Longevity Culture Center (Integration of design and construction)
Shanghai Fengxian Gas Science and Education Base  (art scene)
Nanjing museum (art scene)
Tianmu Lake Tea Culture Center (art scene,multimedia,phantom imaging)
Shanxi Geological Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Longshan Sits Museum (art scene)
China Finance&Taxation Museum (art scene,multimedia)
2012 WORKS】
HuanghuaTang New Fourth Army Institute of Health,Arsenal (art scene)
Nanjing Animation Experience Hall (integration of design and construction)
Xuzhou Museum (art scene,multimedia)
Xiaogan Li Bai's Former Residence (phantom imaging)
Chinese Hangzhou Cuisine Museum (phantom imaging)
Shanghia Yuan Dynasty Water Gate Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Shanghai Jiading Museum (art scene, phantom imaging)
Display hall of Old Castle of Heilongjiang Work Committee of CCP (art scene)
Huanggang Museum (art scene,multimedia)
Sea-Solt Museum (art scene,phantom imaging)
The Memorial Site of The 4th National Congress of The Communist Party of China  (art scene,multimedia)
Xianning Bamboo Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Shanghai Songpu Special Commission (art scene)
Xianning City Museum art scene, multimedia)
Lu 'an Anti-Corruption Exhibition Hall (art scene,multimedia)
Nanjing Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage (art scene)
Wushan museum (art scene,multimedia)
Wenzhou Overlooking Hall (art scene,phantom imaging)
2010—2011 WORKS】
Wuhan drug control museum (art scene)
Yunling New Fourth Army Historical Data Exhibition Hall (art scene,phantom imaging)
Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall in Hubei, Henan and Anhui Soviet Area, New County (art scene, multimedia)
Luxu Memorial Hall (multimedia)
Tianjin Museum (art scene)
University of International Business and Economics History Museum (art scene)
Xihai Revolution Memorial Hall (art scene,multimedia)
Inner Mongolia Military History Museum (art scene,multimedia)
Sichuan, Qingchuan Earthquake Museum (art scene,multimedia)
Qinghai nature Museum (art scene,phantom imaging)
 Chinese Duck Culture Museum (art scene)
Jiangsu Local Chronicles Museum (art scene)
Suizhou Yandi Hometown (art scene)
Chinese Musical Instruments Museum (art scene,multimedia)
Jiangxi, Jian Martyrs Memorial Hall (art scene,multimedia)
Dongtai Culture Museum in Jiangsu (art scene,multimedia)
Global Youth Innovation Tour of Shanghai EXPO (Integration of design and construction)
Double Phoenix Town Dragon Dance Exhibition Hall of Taicang, Jiangsu (Integration of design and construction)
Long March Memorial Hall of Kedu, Yunnan (art scene, multimedia)
Zhongshan Warship Museum (art scene,multimedia)
Suzhou Xujiang No. 1 Project Creative Base (planning, design)
Anhui Bozhou Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Jiangsu Taicang Museum (art scene)
Chen Huaikai Memorial Hall (Integration of design and construction)
Chinese Weapon Exhibition Hall (art scene, multimedia)
Shanghai Clan Association History Museum (art scene,phantom imaging)
Canal Cultural and Art Museum of Wuxi (art scene)
Shandong Museum (art scene)
2008—2009 WORKS】
China Township Enterprise Museum (art scene)
Hemudu Site Museum (art scene)
Revolution Memorial Hall of Taihe, Jiangxi (art scene, multimedia)
Rao Shoukun Memorial Hall (art scene, multimedia)
Planning Museum of Xiamen (phantom imaging)
Red Eight Army Memorial Hall of Longzhou of Guangxi (art scene,multimedia)
Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Yunnan Army Academy (multimedia)
Crawfish Hall of Xuyi, Jiangsu (art scene, multimedia)
Anti-Japanese War Aviation Hall (Integration of design and construction)
Cross Campaign Memorial Hall (art scene,multimedia)
Memorial Hall of the Birthplace of PLA Navy (Integration of design and construction)
Hsu Hsiak's Memorial Hall (art scene, multimedia)
Memorial Hall Xiamen Special Economic Zone (Integration of design and construction)
Martyrs Memorial Hall of Baoshan (art scene)
China Sea Salt Museum (art scene, multimedia)
Bao Steel Exhibition Hall of Shanghai (multimedia)
Fuzhou Museum of Jiangxi (art scene, multimedia)
Huangshi Museum of Hubei (art scene, multimedia)
Textile Museum of Donghua University (art scene, multimedia)
Water Resources Museum of Nanjing (art scene)
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Museum of Nanjing (art scene, multimedia)
Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall (integration of design and construction)
Wuxi City Museum (art scene)
Ancient Site of Red Army in Dawu County, Hubei (art scene,phantom imaging,multimedia)
Lianyungang City Museum (art scene)
Sichuan Sansingdui Site Museum (art scene)
Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall (art scene, multimedia)
Shandong Memorial Hall of Taierzhuang Battle (art scene,multimedia)
Qingdao Museum (art scene, multimedia)
2005—2007 WORKS】
Jiangxi Yongxin He Zizhen Memorial Hall (art scene,phantom imaging)
Oversea Chinese Museum of Jinjiang, Fujian (Integration of design and construction)
Crab Hall of Kunshan, Jiangsu (integration of design and construction)
Revolution Memorial Hall of Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area (art scene, multimedia)
20th anniversary of founding Che County, Jiangyin (integration of design and construction)
Salt City Planning Museum of Jiangsu (art scene)
Five Ancient Sites of Communist Party multimedia)
Bamboo Carving Museum of Shanghai Jiading (multimedia)
Bamboo Carving Museum of Shanghai Jiading (multimedia)
Electric Power Popularization Science of Shanghai (art scene, phantom imaging, multimedia)
Nanjing Dr Sun Yatsen Museum (multimedia)
Nanjing Dr Sun Yatsen MuseumShanghai Dragon Boat Museum (art scene, multimedia)
 Shanghai Telecommunications Museum (multimedia)
Suzhou Industrial Park Exhibition Hall (art scene,phantom imaging)
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum of Children (multimedia)
Tunnel Exhibition Hall of China railway (phantom imaging)
Shanghai Postal Museum (art scene, phantom imaging)
Shanghai Wind Power Popularization Science (art scene)
 Fujian-Tanwan Museum of China (integration of design and construction)
Science and Research Museum of China (art scene,phantom imaging)
Shanghai 8.13 Memorial Hall (art scene)
1999—2004 WORKS】
Huai Hai Campaign Memorial Hall (art scene)
Meteorology Museum of Shanghai Baoshan (art scene)
China Financial Museum (art scene)
Shanghai Tunnel Popularization Science (phantom imaging)
Ancient Site of Communist Party League Central (phantom imaging)
 Tobacco Museum of China (phantom imaging)
Shanghai Wielder Data Museum (art scene,phantom imaging)
Shanghai Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall (art scene,phantom imaging)
Hangzhou Qian King Temple Scenic Area (art scene)
National Security Education in Shanghai (art scene)
Shanghai Jiading Martyrs Cemetery (art scene,phantom imaging)
Huangzhou Zhang Taiyan Memorial Hall (art scene,phantom imaging)
Shanghai Songhu Battle Memorial Hall (art scene,phantom imaging)
Jiangsu Zhenjiang Martyrs Cemetery (phantom imaging)
Shanghai Minhang Museum (phantom imaging)
Shanghai Tobacco museum (phantom imaging)
Qingdao Fire Museum (art scene)
Shanghai Museum of Public Security (art scene)
Exhibition Hall of Shanghai (art scene、multimedia)
Jiangsu Mao Shan New Fourth Army Memorial Hall (new media)
Anhui Hall of Fame (art scene, multimedia)
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (art scene)