Good Taste Inherited — “Cultural Value Given”by “Brilliance of Sauce and Marinade”

Since the 1970s, American enterprises have come to realize that the key factor for the success of Japanese enterprises was their unique corporate culture. In order to cope with the increasingly challenging competition from Japanese enterprises, the idea of "corporate culture" came into being.

With the change of times, how to make enterprises adapt to the needs of the current society? Within this context, the concept of " cultural value given "emerges at the right moment, and its value was presented in front of people little by little.

" Cultural Value Given " — Pattern Change

You must be familiar with those attractive products like Confucius Family Liquor, Shen Dacheng Group, White Shoes for Returning Force , Imperial Palace Cosmetics Co-branded and so on. The reason why they leave a deep impression on people is that because of its cultural value behind. This is the embodiment of "cultural value given".

In short, "cultural value given" is to endue something (including material products) with cultural value to enhance its popularity, vitality, competitiveness and influence. At present, cultural brand, cultural logo, celebrity effect and other forms have been widely concerned by the society and have been practiced in enterprises. However, people began to expect more spiritual pursuit from material products, which has prompted enterprises to think about how to enable consumers to taste the cultural connotation and enjoy the cultural nourishment anytime and anywhere in their daily work and life.

"Food is god for the people" — as " the taste of home" in the streets of Nanchang, duck seasoned with sauce and marinade, and produced by Huangshanghuang is deeply loved by the majority of "foodies". In the past 25 years, Huangshanghuang, as a young enterprise in the industry of sauce and marinade, has been growing. And it went public successfully. It has become a good taste that touches Chinese people. This is inseparable from the careful study of the production process, the in-depth investigation of the catering industry, and the inheritance and innovation of the food culture. In the future, how will Huangshanghuang respond to the challenges and requirements of the new era? The philosophy of "cultural value given" will be introduced into the exhibition space, which will become a new kind of thinking. Boyue Art Institution will help Huangshanghuang with breakthrough and growth, and jointly explore new forms of corporate culture exhibition as a whole.

" Traceability for Sauce and Marinade " — Brand Building

For displaying the corporate culture of Huangshanghuang, the creatives of the company communicated with the customers repeatedly and exchanged their ideas after understanding the philosophy of " cultural value given". In this course, they found that the leaders of Huangshanghuang have a broad vision and unique insights in spreading corporate culture.

With this thinking, through various channels to trace the origin, we noticed that the sauce and marinade skill originated from Yuzhang has a history of more than 100 years, which not only has the local flavor characteristics of Jiangxi, but also constitute a part of Chinese sauce and marinade culture for thousands of years. For further exploration, we found the profound mystery of delicacy produced by Huangshanghuang come from the taste of sauce and marinade in a secret way, which is closely related to the skill for marinated meat with sauce produced by Yuzhang and inextricably linked to the traditional remedy handed down from our ancestors. Via this investigation, we have learned the founder of Huangshanghuang inherited the unique processes skill of "marinated duck by family Chu " of Yu zhang and makes an innovation for it after investigation and study. This prompts us to further think about how to endow the enterprise of Huangshanghuang with deeper cultural value.

We reported the previous results to the leader of Huangshanghuang and made a further discussion later. As a result, we have reached an agreement that building a display space of sauce and marinade culture, combining with the establishment of culture of corporate brand, can give enterprises more profound and diversified cultural connotation.

We have planned to work on three parts: " traceability for sauce and marinade ", " sauce and marinade skill "and "brilliance of sauce and marinade" as soon as the general direction of Huangshanghuang exhibition was determined. By reviewing a large number of historical materials, we pushed on the practice of the outline design for the exhibition developing from nothing in the manner of weighing every word carefully. According to the outline content, we suggest that the historical relics collected by enterprises be used as exhibits, among which the bronze ware presents the aristocratic eating etiquette, and the pottery bears witness to the folk eating customs. Compared with them, the process of sauce and marinade skill is highlighted because of its popularization, which enhances the authenticity and observability of the exhibition.

And besides, we also pay a close attention to the brand effect of enterprises with time-honored brand of sauce and marinade. We suggest Huangshanhuang cooperate with Yutang Pickled Vegetables and Beijing Liubiju, combining the strong and achieving mutual complementarity in the interest of our common, to jointly inherit the sauce culture and enhance the brand effect.

Moreover, we designed the logo of Huangshanhuang exhibition hall with the stamp as the element in the hall, so that the sauce and marinade culture can become the sign of the enterprise and the cultural symbol of brand promotion. The exhibition of Chinese sauce and marinade culture awakens the memory of the company, but also stimulates the vitality of the brand, which makes the company be up for the challenge and ready to win the fight in the future.

"Brilliance of Sauce and Marinade" — " Cultural creativity "

How to enhance the functionality of the pavilion after the content displaying in the exhibition hall determined? How to further promote the participation and interest of the exhibition? creatives of the company flexibly use the form of "culture + creativity" to break the space constraint and carry out visual design, aiming to make corporate culture alive.

On the strength of the double consideration of functionality and aesthetics of Huangshanhuang, we creatively reconstructed the original old factory building, and specially opened up the parking area. In order to realize the connection between the office area and the exhibition hall, a glass curtain wall with transparent texture was installed on one side of the exhibition hall and small-scale landscape of root carving was decorated as well, bringing an encounter between light and shadow, which is conducive to day-lighting.

When stepping into the lobby, the stylist, by taking the jar for sauce and marinade as the prototype with audio-visual space instead of the traditional way of exhibition, elaborately describes the historical figures in the film, and tells the story of the thousand-year’s sauce and marinade culture. The exhibition hall traces the "meat sauce" of Chinese ancestors and interpreted the contemporary brands of sauce and marinade, in whcih Yutang Pickled Vegetables, Liubiju and others of north were successively displayed, mixing with the four great systems of southern sauce and marinade, including Sichuan, Guangdong, Chaozhou and Kejia.

For enriching the arrangement of ideas in the exhibition space, we hide the exhibits in the scene, which truly restores the Liubiju sauce park most famous in the capital.Yangzhou's "Sanhe and Simei Pickles", Shaoxing's " Renchang Sauce Park" and "Xianheng Jiangyuan", Changsha's "Yuhe" and "Jiuruzhai", Pearl River Delta, Guangdong's "Lee Kum kee" and "Haitian" and so on are from all over the country, which make every food lover able to find his "hometown taste" in the exhibition hall.

Through the south and north park for pickled vegetables displayed, we designed the scene of "pier for pickled vegetables" — Huangpu Anceint Lane by the sound effects as a window of cultural communication, to reproduce the grand occasion "the byssus is renowned national, the sauce is world-renowned", and to create an immersive experience. After the development of pickled vegetables in north and south China, the sauce culture has traveled across the ocean to enrich the taste of the world's food, which shows the sauce culture in different countries and demonstrates the ambition of Huangshanghuang to surpass the "regional concept", so as to enhance the sense of identity of consumers.

Looking back on the history of "taste of sauce and marinade", we recreated the prosperous life scene with the miniature scenes of the ancient commercial street, showing the process of brine gradually integrating into the public life as a condiment. The exquisite brine technology is also part of the inheritance of taste of sauce and marinade. It imitates the Duck Banquets by ratio of equality, deepening the impression of visitors on the sauced duck of Huangshanghuang with a visual feast full of fragrance. Of course, the customs of ethnic minority’s sauce and marinade have made an indelible contribution to the prosperity of Chinese sauce and marinade culture. The ethnic elements are incorporated into the design, which fully embodies the respect of enterprises for ethnic culture and promotes the characteristics of ethnic culture. There's no end for talking about allusions of sauce and marinade. With the help of illusion imaging, we told visitors the story about the pickles as imperial cuisine personally ordered by the emperor during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Yuan Mei, well known poet in Qing qianjia period who loved "the original taste of food" in all his life, recorded the delicacies for sauce and marinade in "Suiyuan Menu", which makes people mouth-watering. Meanwhile, we also take the simulated dish models to present the superb cuisine made by sauce and marinade in imperial meals of all dynasties.

With the prosperity of cooking cuisine with sauce and marinade in the north and south of Song dynasty as the background, we restored the ancient commercial street of Song dynasty by1:1, where the natural light projected from the top of the building with sound effects used to depict the street scene at that time, showing many food shops on both sides of the long street, street hawkers selling wonderful food with sauce and marinade, and vendors soliciting customers from narrow streets. Whenever the visitors are in it, they dimly feel the street is full of delicious taste of sauce and marinade. They feel very crowded and have to stop, while the place is unforgettable.

With the foreshadowing of sauce and marinade culture, it vividly shows the arduous process for Huangshanghuang to start the business with "a tricycle, a store, a stove, and a pot". It sets off the enthusiasm for public welfare and the spirit of "thinking about the source of getting rich " in the later stage of Huangshanghuang, and creates a good image for enterprises to fulfill their responsibilities and contribute to society. It make people can both feel the spirit of the enterprise and taste the unique flavor of sauce and marinade.

The creatives of the company designed the corporate culture towards Huangshanghuang based on the awareness of "cultural consciousness", and brought the cultural advantages into play, making the enterprise become the forerunner of cultural innovation.

"Skilled craftsman makes good taste" — " Influence of Value Given "

We successfully practiced creating the enterprise display of sauce and marinade culture by "influence of value given" to build the undertaking through cooperation, accurate positioning, in-depth research, creative design, elaborated production and strict control. Then we invited Fan Zeng, one of the masters of Chinese painting and calligraphy, president of China Academy of Chinese Painting, Peking University to inscribe the name of the pavilion.

Huangshanghuang Sauce and Marinade Culture Museum has already become the first culture display for China's first-class of sauce and marinade culture, as well as an experience platform integrated with quality, learning, appreciation, interest and purchase. The theme "sauce" and "marinade" that is throughout the exhibition hall, vividly shows the the development of the sauce and marinade from north to south of China for thousands of years, which can be traced to the same origin. The sauce and marinade culture has been a business card, and prosperous cultural accumulation as well. For the first time, a museum themed on sauce and marinade culture has been added to the list of Chinese museums, which highlights that Huangshanghuang is important for inheriting Chines food culture but also shows it is responsible for protecting and carrying forward traditional culture.

Due to the contribution of enterprises to Jiangxi's catering culture, the provincial department of culture and tourism incorporated the Sauce and Marinade Culture Museum into the cultural and tourist attractions, and promoted it as a boutique line, making the sauce and marinade culture of Huangshanghuang famous all over the country and go to the world. By displaying the sauce and marinade culture, Huang Shanghuang has realized the integrated development of "industry + culture + tourism" with its influence, radiation and driving force given in full play in the industry, becoming the "forerunner" of "hand-in-hand" culture. The cross-border integration of enterprise and culture not only gives new impetus to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also provides a new path for traditional industrial enterprises that are "exploring new ways".

For our practice in exhibiting corporate culture with sauce and marinade history, we improved the visibility, competitiveness and influence of Huangshanghuang, created a unique, clear and convincing corporate image, thus promoting the practice of corporate social responsibility and innovating the mode of corporate culture construction. In the future, we will be rooted in the concept of "cultural value given", improve cultural consciousness with forward-looking and creative thinking, provide more possibilities for corporate customers to build cultural momentum, and create a diversified exhibition space for different industries, being committed to a good cultural disseminator.