Feel The City of Rong For Thousands of Years — Chengdu City Archive Opened

At the beginning of 2016, the company undertook the project of Chengdu City Archive, which has now opened. The museum adopts the scene design of broken walls to create the atmosphere of "millennium city". Sand table Based on the street map of Chengdu city in the third year of Xuan tong (1911), the old Chengdu city was restored by sand table using plain model, which showed the magnificent momentum of Rongcheng and made visitors deeply feel the charm of Chengdu city's millennium culture. For the traditional characteristics of Chengdu exhibition item, Scenes such as Nine eye Bridge wharf, bazaar, Sichuan opera, Chinese folk art forms, old shop, National Sichuan University, and old post office of Heat sock street are presented in a panorama of Chengdu’s political, economic and cultural development through semi-landscape painting combined with multimedia projection.