The Fragrance of Zongzi for Thousand of Years — the Overall Design and Production of the Zongzi Cult

The company participated in the Phase I and Phase II for overall design and production of Zongzi Culture Museum of Jiaxing at the beginning of 2016.With a treatment for development sequence of jiaxing Zongzi culture, six exhibition areas were set up, including preface, Origin Tracing of Zongzi Culture, Wuyue Culture And Zongzi, Elaborating The Culture of Zongzi, the story of “the successor of Zongzi” and the innovative way of the "Zhenzhenlaolao" brand of Zongzi. The overall design style of the museum is based on traditional Chinese style. It retains some traditional residential components of folk houses jiangnan watertown, which echoes the design style of the old street block where the museum is located. In terms of showcasing design, the story of Zongzi in jiaxing was told by means of real objects, multimedia, scenes and other showcasing methods. A large number of original hand-painted design, and the late miniaturization model production way to display.