In June 2016, the company Undertook the Overall Planning and Design of Sauce and Marinade Culture Mu

In June 2016, the company undertook the overall planning and design of the museum of Chinese sauce and marinade culture, analyzed the history and culture of Chinese sauce and marinade as well as its development process, and set up three exhibition areas with themes of "" Traceability for sauce and marinade ,highest in the world", "sauce and marinade charm, wonderful art" and "Huangshanghuang, dining experience". In order to create a "green", "natural" and "leisure" atmosphere of the museum, the original architectural pattern was re-planned. In the transition area, panoramic glass lighting technique and freehand brushwork garden landscape design were adopted. In the combination with the green plant flowing canals, the indoor ancient street scene of the Song dynasty was created like a small bridge and flowing water. In the form of the exhibition, the sound, light and electricity multimedia technology and the scene are organically combined, so that visitors can understand the multi-dimensional Chinese sauce and marinade culture.